Roadhouse Inns is a family business. We are a local family who live and work in the Derwentside area of Northwest Durham. We currently own and operate 3 fantastic venues. Our goal is to provide a warm & friendly environment with a strong focus on customer experience. We strive to provide excellent service, quality beverages, with freshly prepared and homestyle cooked food.

Our story began a number of years ago when we noticed, that there were quite a few local Pubs that were being closed, and that most of the rest looked like they were about to go out of business, that is, except for Weatherspoons. 

Most local venues, were either run down, the quality of drinks and food were poor, facilities were still in the dark ages, service levels were nearly non existent, or a combination of these factors. 

After some discussions we decided to have a go and see if we could do better. We formed our company Roadhouse Inns, and in late July 2010 we purchased our first "Project" The Travellers Rest located on the outskirts of Consett town centre.

The "Trav's" had been closed & boarded up for some time, and was in a very poor state of repair. It took us approx.12 months, some long hard hours, a substantial amount of our money, however we eventually opened in Aug 2011. We reclaimed most of the materials, and reused them, we purchase other reclaimed materials to keep the building in character. The building's original stone wall on the bundle street side of the building, is the only part of the project that was not rebuilt, everything else was demolished and rebuilt by ourselves. Most of our customers agree the transformation is amazing.

Our second project was the Crown & Thistle in Catchgate. Once again it had been closed and boarded up for some considerable time, it was also in a terrible state of repair, however the we were able to salvage the main structure. Once again we reclaimed most of the materials, and also purchased other reclaimed materials. Most customers agree the transformation is amazing.

Our third project is the Old Courthouse located on the junction of Victoria Road & John Street in Consett Town Centre. This was the Former County Court Building. Once again we rebuilt the inside, we also extended the ground floor to create a unique one off environment, that includes an outside courtyard that is inside. 

The travellers rest

The crown & thistle

Family Owned & Operated

The old courthouse